Winter Landscaping Tips

Doing any form of gardening in the winter months can be tricky to do, both physically, and in terms of motivation. Plants are in their resting stage, and the beautiful colours you’ve worked so hard to enjoy in the summer months are muted. However, with a little work, you can make your garden look beautiful in winter – even without snow! Here’s a few tips to help your winter landscaping & enjoy your winter garden:

1: Berries can last all through the winter, and can add that colour you’ve been missing from your garden. They can also provide food for birds, helping your garden feel more alive and natural. Holly is of course the obvious choice, but crabapples can also be a great option.

2: Use evergreen trees as main features. Evergreens have evolved to survive even harshest winter, and despite the name come in many colours, including yellows and blues (Gold Thread Cyprus and Dwarf Blue Spruce, respectively). Work borders around your evergreens, and make sure you add at least one to your planting in summer.

3: Use bark as a texture. Smaller trees and shrubs with beautiful bark textures include birch and dogwoods. Though they lose their leaves, the texture of their bark will be a pleasing addition to your garden.

4: Now’s the time to shop! Non-perishable items can often be found at discount prices over the winter, as gardening stores struggle to bring in customers. Tools and equipment, seeds, and research plants can all be found for lower prices over the winter months.

5: Use evergreen boughs to add colour to your empty summertime containers. Even twigs can be used to decorate otherwise empty pots and containers. Broadleaf evergreens such as rhododendrons and holly can add colour.

6: Use this time to appraise your hardscape. Figure out if your focal point placement makes sense, and plan for amendments if the flow of your landscape doesn’t make sense. Remember that plants aren’t the only option; garden furniture, water features, and even art such as statues can make for a beautiful garden.

Use these tips well, and we’ll see you next month… when spring will be around the corner!

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