Prepare Your Landscaping for Spring!

It’s finally that time of year again where frost is no longer a threat! Many people find the best way to anticipate the warm nights and long days of summer is to plan their spring landscaping ideas – even if it is still a little cold here in the East Midlands!

Our Top 5 Spring Landscaping Tips are:

1: Plan for the Climate You Have, Not the Climate You Want. While it’s tempting to decorate your garden with the gorgeous palm trees you might see in Miami or Barbados, these plants will not thrive anywhere but in the extreme south of the UK. Here in the East Midlands we’ve got a wide choice of beautiful climate-appropriate plants – so celebrate them!

  1. Know Your Enemy. Find out what pests are endemic to your locality, and plan for them. Insects and weeds are a common problem, but wildlife such as foxes, local pet dogs, or even wild animals near moorland can become problems. You can work even heavy guards against animals into your landscaping in a natural or beautiful way, but if it’s unlikely you’ll have a problem with animals, save yourself the expense.
  2. Expect Growth. Remember that summer brings the light, warmth and water that your plants need to thrive. Make sure that any shrubs or bushes you plant near windows won’t require too much trimming, as some plants grow very quickly when sunlight is abundant! Plan for the size the plant life you choose will be at their largest and healthiest in order to prevent overcrowding or rushed looking landscaping come summer.
  3. Plan Walkways. Remember that people can only enjoy your landscape if they can explore it! Make sure that you plan how people will navigate your landscaping, slightly underestimating the space you’ll need. Remember that a more spacious walking plan will make a landscape look minimalist, modern and tasteful, whereas the other extreme will make your gardens look crowded and claustrophobic.
  4. Bear Maintenance in Mind. Don’t forget that, unlike interior decoration which can look fresh and modern for years without requiring any maintenance, without regular care and attention, even the most well-planned and beautifully designed landscape will look old, haggard and overgrown. If you take great pleasure in gardening, that’s great! Enjoy many happy hours keeping your garden just so. If, however, you’ve not got a lot of time or enthusiasm for keeping your garden perfect, ask a professional landscaper (us at Westwood Ground Maintenance, for example!) for advice on how to create a beautiful but low-maintenance garden.

That’s all for this month! We’ll see you again when the summer is even closer, next month. Thanks again for reading, happy gardening!

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