Making the Most of a Small Space

Hello again! It’s time for Westwood Ground Maintenance’s monthly round-up of tips and advice to help you get the landscapes you’ve always dreamed of. This month, we’ve decided to focus on the many thousands of people here in the UK who are looking for small garden ideas.

You might be surprised to know that, with a little inspiration, it’s actually quite simple to make a relatively small space feel much bigger, and a great place to relax in and enjoy. Let’s get started with Westwood’s Small Garden Ideas!

1. Create Cozy Nooks

Weird and counter-intuitive as it may seem, separating your small garden into two separate places gives the space a sense of narrative, especially if you link the two with a tasteful path or walkway. Perhaps you’ll create a small space with seats for quiet reading, or separate barbecue and dining areas. Give it a go: you’ll be surprised how well it works.

2. Multi-Level

Raising or lowering space gives a sense of depth, and makes a space seem larger. Perhaps you’ll have a little raised decking along the side or back walls or fences. Maybe you could try sinking a pond or small pool. The options are limitless.

One the subject of a small pool or pond:

3. Use Water

Not only will a water feature be a relaxing element, it will also draw the eye. Even a few square feet of pond, with a few small fish, will make a garden seem classier and more expensive than a small yard usually is!

4. Make One Use of Bold Colour

Make sure you do this sparingly! Making one small, very bold use of colour – in a flowerbed, feature, or piece of art – will draw the eye and make the rest of the space recede, making it appear larger. Overdo this, however, and the space will look crowded and even smaller than it is. Be tasteful!

5. Perspective is Your Friend

Make use of straight lines. If you’re able to lightly slant these lines towards each other, through flower rows, fences, or a pergola, you’ll enhance this effect. Point these lines towards one focal point, and you’ll be amazed how much larger your small space looks and feels.

That’s all for this month! Remember you’re never more than a phone call away from the experts at Westwood Ground Maintenance, so please do contact us for small garden ideas or any help you may need!

See you next month,

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