Westwood Ground Maintenance is proud to be Burton on Trent’s finest landscaping business. With a lasting commitment to designing and building top-quality gardens, public parks and grounds, our team of skilled experts will create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. We’re a small, family-run company, committed to maintaining our reputation. That said, there’s no project we’re not able to manage, no matter how large!

First Impressions Count – At Home and in Business

Your business premises are the first thing prospective clients and customers see about your company, so why not make a great first impression by having your premises surrounded by a lush and welcoming landscape? Doing so suggest care, attention to detail, presentability and professionalism.

We guarantee that our staff will never leave one job to start another. Westwood Ground Maintenance is committed to customer service, and we consult with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction before declaring our work complete or serving an invoice.

Landscaping Business Across the Midlands

Most people love the idea of a beautiful landscape; for businesses, it means a professional yet approachable place of business, and for private customers, it means a place to relax and enjoy nature. However, very few people have the time, skill or inclination to work full-time on a landscape or garden. That’s why we can arrange for an extremely low-maintenance landscape for your home or business premises, which looks fresh and lush without needing lots of attention.

Before we begin our work on your site, we’ll take time to sit with you and discuss your expectations. We’ll talk through your ideas and adapt them into designs, and provide visualisations to make sure you’ve got a strong idea of what the end result will be. That way there’s no disappointments or unpleasant surprises – just excellent landscaping for you to enjoy!

Don’t forget that we’re also able to arrange a regular maintenance schedule if you have an ambitious project in mind, and aren’t able to carry out maintenance work yourself. We’ll take care of everything!

So why not call Westwood Ground Maintenance today? We’re the team to choose!

Get in touch and see how we can help you and your garden.

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