Ground Maintenance

Ground Maintenance in the Midlands

We guarantee first class ground maintenance in the Midlands, but which ground maintenance services do we offer here at Westwood? Check out the list of services below and enquire today! 

Grass and Verge Cutting

A well maintained lawn can suggest an organised, modern business or home: a badly kept one suggest apathy and shabbiness. We can visit as a one-off or on a regular schedule to keep your grassed areas looking fresh, well maintained and inviting. Our grass treatments include aeration, top dressing and scarifying, giving your lawn a fresh, lush look.

Sports Facilities

Alongside keeping the grass well maintained, we can also renovate pitches to bring them up to professional standard, as well as take care of all line marking. We also manage artificial surfaces.

Shrubbery & Border Maintenance

Borders and shrubberies need particular attention, as a well maintained border can really complete a landscape, where a shabby one can ruin the effect. Get in touch with us to see examples of some of the great work we’ve done!

Get in touch and see how we can help you and your garden.

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Weather Clearance

In cold weather, it’s essential to keep footpaths, access roads and car parks safe to use when temperatures fall here in the UK. Especially when there’s snowfall, untreated walkways can become hazardous – not the message you want your business to put across! Prevent injuries on your premises by having the problem sorted before it even happens by calling Westwood Ground Maintenance.

Other Groundwork Services

Westwood Ground Maintenance provide a range of other ground maintenance in the midlands, including sweeping, hard and soft landscaping, tree surgery, repairs… you name it, we do it!

So contact us today to find out how we can help you! We guarantee you won’t regret it.

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